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  • EXPERIENCE - Having worked in corporate finance for the past 5 years in different divisions of two major banks, we have insight as to what banks look for when approving loans.

  • NETWORKS - As young professionals, we enjoy meeting other professionals especially in the property industry. We have formed valuable relationships with a host of professionals ranging from real estate agents, accountants, lawyers to property developers. By allowing us to assist with your lending needs, you gain access to our large range of networks of which we would be happy to make referrals.

  • PROPERTY KNOWLEDGE - We love property and everything to do with it. When we are not at work, you will find us sifting through news articles, property magazines and attending property seminars and networking functions. This ensures that we are up to date with industry news.

  • GENUINE - We genuinely want to help you and your family achieve your financial goals. We are here as long term credit advisers.

  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - We understand the frustrations of professionals offering advice with too much jargon and not answering questions that are asked by their clients. For this reason, we place emphasis on explaining processes in simple terms so you're sure to walk out of meetings with a better understanding of how finance works.

  • COMPETITIVE RATES - We have access to over 25 different lenders (with more to come). This means we are able to offer you a range of products at competitive rates that suit your particular needs.

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